Thursday, April 12, 2007

Vocabulary lessons

My grandma, the 80 something year old short Basque lady who is up for anything and a lot of fun, called me today and left a message.

"Oh, hi Deetie. This is Grandma. Listen, have you heard from your mom? How is she doing? oh and can you call me back and tell me what that stuff Imus said means? I think I know what a ho is, but I'm not sure about the rest. Thank you. Bye."

Hee hee! I called her and filled her in on the 'rents situation (they're in Italy doing ancestry stuff) and she did not forget to ask about Imus. Nope, she asked "is he referring to their pubic hair?" I explained to her and then she decided that ho was the worst of the two. She mentioned what she heard ho meant, I think just to make sure that she was right.

Things to write in my journal about today: Taught today, went okay. Tired. Oh, and talked about ho's and pubic hair with my grandma.

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Rebecca said...

Oh man, I've got some cool grandparents (if you count all of them: 4 pairs, living and dead), but none of them are THAT cool!

I hope I'm like that when I'm 80 something. And hopefully I'll have a rockin' grandaughter I can call when I don't get the youngins' lingo.

You are a good grandaughter.