Friday, March 2, 2007

Jogging/Walking Musings

M gave me a Nike+ thingy for my iPod for Christmas. I didn't ask for it or anything, but because I had mentioned it he decided to buy it for me. (Don't tell him, but I actually only mentioned it because he was talking about training for a half-marathon and I thought it'd be really cool for him. oh well.)

So, now I feel like I have to start running again, even though I'm not a huge fan of running. Ha. That's an understatement. I borderline hate it. Seriously.

In an effort to use the little gadget (and yes, you can use it without those expensive Nike shoes--I bought a $5 shoe thingy), I've started to jog again. But, since I'm at the beginning I am doing that jog/walk combination, which feels silly when someone is behind me. Oh well.

I suppose this post isn't about much except to rub it in the face of my friends who have moved from here, or who are not here right now. Thus, I'll get right to the point.
The last few days, it's been very windy here. The consequence is that it is insanely clear in this coastal town. I've been jog/walking by the ocean in the late afternoon close to sunset and when that sun hits the islands off the coast, it has been absolutely amazing. These islands are normally a shrouded presence that some days look like a cloud bank on the horizon. But this week, oh! that clarity in the air reveals mountains jutting out of the ocean, with sheer rock walls plunging ino the sea and breaks in the brush that covers those peaks, with the bare land peeking through.

It has been one hell of a sight; in my six years here, I have never seen that much detail on those islands. I live in a beautiful place--it can be a strange beauty as the primary colors here are yellow and blue, but as my time here winds down it's nice to revel in what makes this such a desirable place to live.

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Rebecca said...

Oh, never fear. If and when you decide to move (back) to the east coast, you will be assaulted with this question: "Why on earth would you want to leave PARADISE?" As if weather was the only consideration when choosing where to live!

That said, I hear ya. I had that one weirdly spiritual day at the beach when all of nature seemed to gloriously resonate and it brought me to tears.