Sunday, March 4, 2007

Paper grading

Did you know that if men and women were equal, as in if they were paid equally and could have all the same jobs that our country would become a socialist state? That women with equality in the workforce = descent into being commie bastards? And let me tell you why: because if women are paid equally to men, then no one will want to work harder than they have to, because, you know, everyone's getting paid the same anyway!

Man, you learn something new every day.


Shaz said...

Wow, ok, so women will work harder for the lower pay because they're delusional and think maybe, just maybe they'll get that raise (but of course they won't) and men will work harder for because....they..... witches? maybe they float? And if we all got paid the same, then we'd all goof off because no one could fire us? Yeah, I believe it. I think my brain is melting...excuse me. I mean we could all get paid based on our abilities and talents rather than what is or isn't in our pants. But what fun would that be.

Rebecca said...

I'd like to point out that "paid" rhymes with "laid" and you get a very interesting effect if you substitute the words.

9 degree weather makes me particularly eloquent.