Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Job

Many of you know that I have taken on a part-time job in the evenings to accelerate my credit card payoff plan. Basically, for this job I answer phones and tell people about a service. I can't get anymore specific than that here because I don't want to be fired for a blog, you know? I'd rather be fired for something I actually did.

I've just started and there is a somewhat extensive training period. Last night was my first time being on the phones the whole time. It was actually less tiring than training, for some reason.

The best part was when this one guy totally yelled at me and I just kept on going seeing if he would ever hang up. He got really pissed and continued to raise his voice and I still kept going because it was like this bizarro kind of game and I was testing him. I finally let him go when he threatened to curse me out. The funny thing is? I still got the sale.


Rebecca said...

You still got the sale? That is impressive. Why cuss and yell? Why not just hang up. Sometimes I don't get people.

Deetie said...

I know! On average people just hang up, but there is this 5% of the population that I guess feels it's too rude? But, is it any less rude to be yelling at someone on the phone when they are just doing a job? It's quite interesting. Too bad I'm not a sociologist.

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