Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Don't let the Potato Vodkas get you down!

I talked with my mom on the phone during my office hours (to which NO ONE EVER COMES!) today. She was asking if I had found Mason Jars and then wanted to know again why I wanted them. My not-really-officemates (it's just these 8-foot high cubicles separating us so they can hear everything) heard me explaining the failed experiment, including my use of Persian cucumbers as opposed to the other kind (as well as my admission that I should have used regular cucumbers or checked the infusion earlier since they are stronger). I have a new rule for vodka for infusion: if I would not be able to shoot it (like if it smells like potato ass), then I should not use it. I think this is a good rule.

I was asked to let them know when next I will be speaking with my mother ("You talk to your mom about doing shots of vodka?" Yes, I do. She'd do 'em with me, too!) so that they could be sure to be there. Apparently, the one-sided conversations I have with my mom are quite entertaining, especially the part where I talked about cucumbers.

I also realized that I spend far too much of my time thinking about liquor. Oh well.

On to more writing about liquor!

BTW: I had cucumbers on my salad last night, and I had a hard time eating them because the smell reminded me of the far more horrid smell of the vodka. This is sad. I love cucumbers.

After taking a few days off and having to go to TJ's today anyway, I decided to try my next experiment: basil vodka. The girls are coming over on Friday and basil vodka takes 2-3 day to steep, so we should have some sort of infusion goodness. Either that or I will cry. (Like I wanted to today at the library when they forced me to unpack my entire backpack. Now, I'm murderous.)

I bought some regular vodka, this time. It looks pretty good (Black Sea vodka from TJ's for 15 bucks) and when I got it home I smelled it. Results: it smells like nothing! yee-haw!

The supplies:

I mixed it all together:

And now I will wait. I have it in the fridge right now, but I'm considering moving it. I will start trying it tomorrow. I found another cool site about infusions (R you especially will like it) via another website and it has some neat ideas.

I'm still thinking about that blueberry/tonic/sugar/basil-infused vodka/maybe mint drink but I know not everyone is fond of blueberries (I know, the horror).

So, I bought some of these.

I don't know if it will taste good, but it certainly sounds interesting--an herbal screwdriver! Plus the color should be awesome.

Oh, and it was only 2 dollars for that 2 pound bag. Maybe they were picked before the freeze?

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Rebecca said...

Schnapps rock my world, as you know. I loved that site. I'm looking forward to any alcohol you might serve on Friday.

I had a blood orange martini at Alcazar and gosh was it ever mmmmmmmmgood. I like your creativity. I think I'll take a page from your book.

I bet pomegranate-mint infused vodka would be good.